Thinking thoughtfully about healthcare is something that runs in Hannah’s family — her mother was the director of a department at a hospital in Dubuque, Iowa, and her family has also had its share of health issues. “Because of that, I’ve experienced some great healthcare situations, and we’ve also experienced some not-so-great ones,” she says. 


It’s all of those situations she brings to her role as a home health billing representative at Chartwell. “I used to hear my Mom calling healthcare billing departments on behalf of my grandparents, and it’s something I think about often — our patients are going through health issues and I want to make sure I can make things easy for them on my end,” she says. 


It’s part of why working for Chartwell is such a good fit for Hannah, as she says that’s a big part of the company’s mission. “At Chartwell, we quote benefits back to the patients only after we’ve done thorough research. We don’t bill patients if we don’t have to — if there’s an issue with insurance, we’ll always follow up with the insurance company first, and don’t transfer that to the patient unless it’s absolutely necessary — they have the same goal. If there is a concern or an issue, we call and work through the issue that way. It seems simple, but it’s that direct communication that’s so important.”


Having autonomy in her role is something that’s also incredibly important to Hannah. “One thing I truly love about working at Chartwell is that my previous job was one where I was incredibly micromanaged,” she says. “Coming here was a breath of fresh air. I was trained by someone, and I knew I could go to them — or my supervisor — with any questions. Once I was trained up, I was given my workload — but it was made very clear that we could do our work in the order it felt comfortable. 


This makes such a huge difference — there’s an expectation that your work gets done, but you can also do things based on what makes sense for you. I’m not saying I never get asked to reprioritize or do things that weren’t on my to-do list — but there’s a large degree of ownership that I absolutely appreciate.”


With Chartwells consolidation with the UW Health home health care entities, Hannah transitioned to her current role — previously, she worked with Medicare Part B billing. It’s another aspect of the company she appreciates — the consistent opportunities to learn new things. “I saw the opportunity to move into another position, and I took it. From my perspective, merging with UW Health means Chartwell is getting stronger. Our company was already affiliated with UW Health, and with all of these departments consolidating, there’s a ton of opportunity. It feels like we’re all learning together, and we’re a family, so we’re going to figure it out together.”